Central St Martins MA Project – APPLIED IMAGINATION

Hey everyone!

Wow, it has been a long time since I have updated my blog but I have been super busy with my Masters, working on some amazing projects and developing some of my own interventions in society. I want to share everything I have been doing with you all and will be updating this blog with all the latest news from my final project!

My Masters degree is in ‘Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries’, which is just about as cool as it sounds 😀 For the final exhibition, which we are currently organising as a group to be held in early December, we have to complete a creative project that shows how well we can integrate our creative ideas into society, preferably in a space where we see something lacking or needing some creative juice. 

For my project, I have been on a roller-coaster ride of ideas ranging from explorations in ‘pataphysics to writing my own avant-garde play. I have honed my skills and ideas and am currently developing a series of workshops for emotionally disadvantaged children to boost self esteem and confidence using creative games based on theatrical improvisation (among other things) and using a research base founded in psychotherapy, sociology and art therapy. I am in the exciting stage of writing out my lesson plans to be carried out in a few local junior schools who have asked me in to carry out my work with children aged 7-11.

So far, my research has led me down some fascinating roads and I am really looking forward to see how all of my hard work will benefit a young generation of future creatives!


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