A fellow student on my Masters course asked me to write a short story envisioning a future society in the year 2100. Here is what I came up with (thanks Kassi for the challenge!):



I feel the rush of adrenaline as the caffeinator shoots liquid energy into my limp body, and my heart starts pounding at the same rate as my head.

Another goddamn morning in Machiavelon’s world’ I think bitterly to myself as the dress screen selects the day’s outfit for me.

I unhook the sleep machine from my head and stand up. Computer bugs scamper across the floor, already going about their business in preparing me for “A YOU KINDA DAY” as the campaign slogan goes.

I miss the old days.

It’s been twenty six years now since they came down and rearranged the planet.


I was only fifteen when they put us into the training camps. No one saw it coming. The influx of information they supplied us with was overwhelming and for a few years it seemed like our troubles were over. No one cared about climate change anymore. HE fixed that. All our worries seemed to disappear as we celebrated the coming of a glorious new age.

Then, slowly, things changed.

All our advances in technology turned against us and we were powerless to stop it. They used OUR creations as a tool to control us.

Jesus, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

I reach for the glass I keep beside my assigned sleeping pod and take a long drink of tepid water, or rather what they pass off as water nowadays. This “liquid energy” they provide us with is swimming with nano-bots and electro-spores that are supposed to numb us from any negative thoughts against Machiavelon, the central control hub that keeps us in line.

Jobs were eradicated years ago after the machines took over. Why waste our precious energy when they could do the dirty work for us? Nowadays all we can do is try to survive long enough to get the “CompPoints” needed for the flight away from this place. Not that that will ever happen.

Empty promises.

After taking my food pill for the day, I wander down to THE SQUARE for the daily newsfeed, hoping that today might be the day when someone gets close enough to pull the plug, although deep down I know it could never happen.

After the Knowledge Uprising was crushed, no one thinks much about hope anymore.

At least we have that I guess; our one twisted victory.


As hard as they try, they can never change our minds.