In Praise of You

Doubtless you inspire
The words that buzz around my head.
Those loud incantations that fill my heart with a lightness almost palpable.

So that, when I’m by your side
It feels as though I could reach out and pluck the perfect words from the strands of your wild hair. I feel as though I could.
But then I get stuck, undone in my desire to take you in.

To witness your being until it washes over me and drowns who I was; what I wanted to say.

What I wanted to say was,
Thank you
Deeply and completely.

For drowning me.

For taking me into yourself and trusting me enough to let me rest in you, for a moment.

And now I have begun thinking of you again,
And the words are starting to fade.
As they do when the image of you cascades into my mind.

Before they vanish please note;

I always want it to be you that pushes me under the water and drowns me;

I always want it to be you who pulls me back up for air.

Lunar Love (3 styles)


The glow of the moon,

Can’t touch you,
The way I can.Selene’s slender fingers

Wrap around your body,

But she doesn’t know,

Where to let them linger

She spreads her light across countries,

Bathing your sleepy head in a silver aura.

She can’t bathe you like I can.

I can spread my light on your body,

And bathe you in my essence,

Until you swell with it,

Until your soul floats.


The trains run late,

The milk goes off,

The moon hides,

When you’re away.

All the simple things,

In my life,

Determined by so little,

Everything feels strange,

When you’re away


Give me back my love for one night,

And I would paint the sky with flowering stars.

Let me show you again how the burning desire of my heart,

Is likened only to the flames of a dying sun,

Bright beyond measure as it collapses into itself.

Give me an hour in your arms,

And I could write a complete symphony,

Traced into your flesh where my fingers dance upon your skin;

The crescendo of passion washing over us in sleep.Cupping your sweet breasts,

I would send my love through to your heart,

Using my fingers to guide myself into you;

A hidden cave chiselled out of our secret joy.

Let me breathe you in,

And with a lungful of your being,

Exhale whispers into your bones.Penetrating time until only we remain.

Ships Collide at Night



As she glides softly toward me

Across the turbulent sea of sheets,

The sail rises in the wind;

As the captain waves farewell

to St Christopher

once again.


Her eyes find their target,

She turns the wheel softly and

steers her way toward the last



Before the collision begins.


The canvas stretches along the line

As a sudden gust snaps the ship into life,

Sending a spray of foam up from the depths,

Just enough to dampen the hull.


The wood creaks with the strain

Of passion and want for

A captain to feel its warmth,

To stand upon its deck and lean

Against the mast,

Feeling the rough splinters of

Past voyages


Salt spray erupts onto the deck

Surprising the crew,

Who turn against the blast

That makes them shiver.


The ships move closer now,

Both edging nearer their target,

A deadly dance



Head to head, they face each other,

In the darkest waters,

Playing the most dangerous game

The sea has ever known.




Wolves in the Night


When all the crows have flown away

And all of the heartstrings have broken

I will come for you

Amidst the ashes we will rise like a phoenix

Our love will be Lazarus

Our passion consuming us

Too powerful for either of us to handle

Brighter than fire

When the world turns its back

I will stand in front of you

I will make my defence heard

And growl into the night

By your side

As this cold dream rattles our bones


What Sunday Does Pt.2


Too much the likeness of another,

Doth mirrored souls create,

‘Twinned betwixt the sheets of comfort and passion.


Glory on fire as the wind burns her name,

As hallowed as the pillow on which her hair remains,

The twin glass that shatters every night,

Against the sea of storms upon which she took flight.


What Sunday Does Pt.1


Oh were I able to caress your soft cheek,

I’d pepper you with a dozen flourishing kisses.

To be holding your delicate body,

Laced as it is with passions,

And absorbing fire.


I’d paint a picture with my lips,

Upon your golden neck,

Twisting my poetry around your skin,

And whispering my love,

Into your ear.


Come and rest with me,

Trace patterns across my freckled body.

Find the constellations in my skin,

So that you might delve

Into the night time world,

Of my



Fragrant perfume of love,

That floats above us

And caresses our every pore,

With its promise of happy days and

Secret nights.

The Late Night Text

Oh these poetic hearts,

Beating apart

Yet still in sync.

How then must we live

Without the other’s touch?

That we would warm ourselves

By the light of our private passion

And delve into the undiscovered recesses

Of each other.

Naked to the bone and

Strong as fire.

Together a pack of dogs


At the moon of love

The Oven



Down in the rain soaked day

Stained faces stare at the stone cold grey

Better to be bitter in a torn umbrella

As birds flock against the cloud

She loved more than she needed

She waited too long and never succeeded

Cats cry out for her return

And the wolves howl against the wind

The darkness swallows the light

Then, out of the mind

Comes forward a bleary eyed vision

A dead deer on a swollen road

And all the cars pass now

They all drive by and no one stops to see

The tear that rolls down the cheek of her life

Drop to the floor

Dr. Horder; dinner is served

A Poem for No-one

Sitting down to write a poem

I find my mind goes numb

Nothing comes forward


I use my stomach

I reach into the gut of my being

And wrench out stilted clichés and romantic endings

I once thought necessary



As the words tumble forward awkwardly from my hand

I find myself caught up in the thought of it

Far too entrenched to change what I’m writing

But trying so hard to create something

Something bigger than myself

Something to make up for the lost wars

The indelicate mask of my social existence




As I stop myself writing another sad poem

Hoping to say something real

To someone

To myself