In Praise of You

Doubtless you inspire
The words that buzz around my head.
Those loud incantations that fill my heart with a lightness almost palpable.

So that, when I’m by your side
It feels as though I could reach out and pluck the perfect words from the strands of your wild hair. I feel as though I could.
But then I get stuck, undone in my desire to take you in.

To witness your being until it washes over me and drowns who I was; what I wanted to say.

What I wanted to say was,
Thank you
Deeply and completely.

For drowning me.

For taking me into yourself and trusting me enough to let me rest in you, for a moment.

And now I have begun thinking of you again,
And the words are starting to fade.
As they do when the image of you cascades into my mind.

Before they vanish please note;

I always want it to be you that pushes me under the water and drowns me;

I always want it to be you who pulls me back up for air.

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