Lunar Love (3 styles)


The glow of the moon,

Can’t touch you,
The way I can.Selene’s slender fingers

Wrap around your body,

But she doesn’t know,

Where to let them linger

She spreads her light across countries,

Bathing your sleepy head in a silver aura.

She can’t bathe you like I can.

I can spread my light on your body,

And bathe you in my essence,

Until you swell with it,

Until your soul floats.


The trains run late,

The milk goes off,

The moon hides,

When you’re away.

All the simple things,

In my life,

Determined by so little,

Everything feels strange,

When you’re away


Give me back my love for one night,

And I would paint the sky with flowering stars.

Let me show you again how the burning desire of my heart,

Is likened only to the flames of a dying sun,

Bright beyond measure as it collapses into itself.

Give me an hour in your arms,

And I could write a complete symphony,

Traced into your flesh where my fingers dance upon your skin;

The crescendo of passion washing over us in sleep.Cupping your sweet breasts,

I would send my love through to your heart,

Using my fingers to guide myself into you;

A hidden cave chiselled out of our secret joy.

Let me breathe you in,

And with a lungful of your being,

Exhale whispers into your bones.Penetrating time until only we remain.

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