Ships Collide at Night



As she glides softly toward me

Across the turbulent sea of sheets,

The sail rises in the wind;

As the captain waves farewell

to St Christopher

once again.


Her eyes find their target,

She turns the wheel softly and

steers her way toward the last



Before the collision begins.


The canvas stretches along the line

As a sudden gust snaps the ship into life,

Sending a spray of foam up from the depths,

Just enough to dampen the hull.


The wood creaks with the strain

Of passion and want for

A captain to feel its warmth,

To stand upon its deck and lean

Against the mast,

Feeling the rough splinters of

Past voyages


Salt spray erupts onto the deck

Surprising the crew,

Who turn against the blast

That makes them shiver.


The ships move closer now,

Both edging nearer their target,

A deadly dance



Head to head, they face each other,

In the darkest waters,

Playing the most dangerous game

The sea has ever known.




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