An installation of Biblical proportions: THE ARK



With an exhibition that promises to be ‘as epic as the theme’, The Ark is an installation that seeks to challenge and provoke thought about the world’s most endangered species. Staying true to the gallery’s beliefs in more theatrical and alternative curation techniques, the space itself will be transformed into an impressive reimagining of Noah’s ark, creating an environment that merges with the overall theme of the show, one of preservation and awareness.

An artist collective from around the world were challenged to produce two pieces inspired by an endangered animal of their choosing, displayed ‘two by two’ in the space. Bringing together artists such as Chemical X, David Tracy, Snik and Laura Ball, the installation looks to be a promising exploration into our own understanding of the environment around us, using a variety of mediums to explore how we might perceive such issues.

The Ark opens its doors on September 26th and is already gaining a lot of passengers so make sure you head down before it sets sail on October 2nd.

Crypt on the Green

Clerkenwell Close
London, EC1R 0EA
United Kingdom


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