Sugar and Spice



My words could never be as sweet as yours.

The way they trickle out like nectar into my ear

A deathly love potion that attacks me

 while I rest in my garden.


You have killed me a thousand times over my darling

Destroyed everything I desire

With that saccharine voice

And those deadly lips

That part so softly for me

Enticing me

While I lose myself again

In the black void of pleasure

Where the sunlight of this world can’t reach.


I am captured by you

Prisoner to your every waking movement.

You float through the sinewy roots of my heart

And score your name onto each pulsing branch

My gut is torn,

Bleeding with passion

For the taste of your flesh

And those saccharine lips.


Once again I melt

And am reformed

Picking pieces of myself up

And pasting them together

So that you might take me.

Destroy me.

Let me offer myself once again to you.


I rest now in my garden,

Awaiting your sweet command.



I miss your skin.

The feeling of it pressed against me,

A warm creature wrapped up

Like a hedgehog curled in a ball.

My own body aches for you again

As the distance seems so far.

But we are not so far apart

You and I.

The distance between us can’t break

The bond we have created.

A remembrance of memory

That reminds us what we have.

Brings back the images and thoughts that have passed

And all of it flows between these worlds apart

Keeps us strong

Waiting for the next encounter

Where we will once again embrace

Soft caresses and sweet kisses

That overflow; pure joy.


For now, we are apart

In a twisting whirlwind of responsibility.


Do not fret little love,

There is always time enough.

We may be separate now

But soon we will grasp one another tight again

Trying to hold onto the other,

As if we could keep forever

That which makes us complete.