ROOMS Magazine, in association with University of the Arts London and Lazy Gramophone Collective Presents: Creative Symposium 2015


What does creativity mean to you?


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term ‘creativity’ is defined as:

“The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”


Is that really the best answer you can think of?


Surely, with that definition, there is little room for the more philosophical and psychological implications of the term or the more subjective dimensions that ‘being creative’ gives access to.

In February 2015, a panel of ‘Creative Jedis’ from a variety of different backgrounds will meet inside Central St Martin’s Kings Cross campus to argue this point, and what they believe it really means to create something in our modern society.

Hosted on behalf of ROOMS Magazine London in association with University of the Arts London, CS15 will be an evening of lively discussion and debate about issues surrounding creativity in society and what it means to ‘create’. Artists, directors, photographers, philosophers, performers and more will gather together to debate issues such as:


. What it really means to be a ‘creative’

. How creativity is used as a platform for social mobility

. Creative networking and the use of social media

. Cross collaboration between different creative fields

@CSymposium #CS15

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