Distant Shores

If darling be the buds of May,
Then Spring’s sweet flowers do obey
That certain leaning t’ward the light
Casting shadow over fright,
And ‘tween the petals gently kissed,
Lay dew drops formed that leave her lips.

Where Winter’s night and Summer’s day,
Compare to you and where you lay
Underneath that clouded sky,
With raindrops forming in your eye.

Too long slept I amid the ferns
Where soft thought and passion yearns
And finds it’s way out of the wood,
Where sweet surrender once was stood.

To distant things we cannot see,
And hazy memories of what could be,
I found myself again ashore
Upon the tide that I adore.

And gazing back across the sea,
Was someone who I used to be.
With smiling lips all painted red,
And sunlight crowned upon his head

With foreign voice his words did form,
That left my heart and soul forlorn
My shadow brother, once my self
Spoke such memories from my mouth.

My casting eye it wandered on,
Reliving moments long since gone
But thoughts like these do seldom stay,
When morning dusts the years away.