Lost in the woods: finding water

As the night grows dark
And I let my mind rest
It always finds you.

Amongst the shadows of time
That memory brought on us
The tangential crosshatch
Of our passion
Flames licking at us
From the fire we stoked
Beneath our feet.

Your eyes find me as if
in a dream.
Your voice
The only sound I hear.
Amid the harsh chatter of birds;
Amid the chatter of life.

Your voice floats toward me
An endless song
That I keep for the quiet moments
Reserved for those times when
I recall you in all your essence.
It’s your voice that comes first
Calming my soul
Lifting my spirit
Leading me onwards.

I feel your hands
The ghosts they drew on my skin
I still recall your touch

As if you rested on my skin
But a moment ago.

The rough hewn skin
Of my weary body
Welcomes your touch

Like a fawn
Lost in the woods
Finding water.

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