My heart is a bird

My heart is a bird
Caged til you set it free
With three loving words
It perches in your tree

It’s wings stretch out
And it flies; it soares
Free from doubt
That others have caused

It’s wide open beak
Is greedy for you
For the passion you speak
And all we might do

With a musical trill
And a flash of its tail
It flies higher still
On the wind it sets sail

Happily chirping
It comes back to you
The way of love working
And guiding it through

Now softly landing
On shoulders you offer
You hold my heart up
A kiss you do proffer

And weakness it passes
The strength you give, glue
Energy restored
It nuzzles you through

Through rivers of warmth
And lakes build of trust
Thirst now extinguished
The seaside of us

With waves crashing down
On the shoreline we made
We sit safe and warm
The lights never fade

The lights of our love
That shine like a star
That bird on your shoulder
Will never fly far

So keep feeding him slowly
With your nourishing kisses
And stronger he’ll grow
Cupid never misses

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