Oak tree

It grows in each of us
But rarely finds the light
Most times the delicate shoots
Can’t make their way past
Or break through.
It takes a lot to create
Something as strong as that
She had it from the start;
Delicate tendrils winding around,
Changing everything they touched.
Sometimes they strangled her,
Dragged her down
It’s hard to fight it some days
But she had enough light
To break free
Had the will to push through.
It took a lot from her
Friends, family, love
The strength required to maintain
Was too much at the start
But slowly, she found a way
She reached out her budding leaves
To me
Of all people – the fly trap
With broken roots and wilted leaves
Capturing stolen moments
Where I could get them
But still
I guided her into my soil
Planted her there
To care for
We grew together
Entwinned with passion
And trust
Learning what we needed
To survive
It wasn’t always easy
We fought against it
Tried to take all the light for ourselves
But the more we learned
The more we grew
Absorbing from the soil
Now enriched with our lessons
Our time, our memories
The best kind of fertiliser
Warmed by our new found love
We grew and grew
Until a bright canopy
Reached up
Towards the next chapter
Of our story
From shaky foundations
Our trunk became strong
Solid; unshakeable
Despite changes in the wind
And harsh seasons
That stripped us
Shook our branches
Until we almost broke.
We had to trust nature,
Let it take its course
Regrow what fell
Uproot ourselves when
The land gave way
Looking at us now
Gently swaying in the breeze
In calm harmony
You wouldn’t guess
How it started
From that small hard shell
To the lush spread of
What we became
When you look up
Never forget;
That’s what it’s all about
An unfolding
A softening
An oak tree from an acorn
The most beautiful transformation
And when the days get too cold
And the light is too weak
The tendrils of our love
Lift us out of the dark
It’s not always easy
Everything that grows strong
Comes from something small
But at the core of it all
The acorn
Containing all
Past and future

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