Angels and Devils

With all the speed and burnt metal of a Futurist sonata
You blaze with fire and passionate voice
Screaming Piaf into the night

Your hair swinging wildly
Whips up a frenzied love
Swirls in me a geyser of bubbling lust
As your voice again crashes onto my shore

I’m taken in by your exuberant hands
Clawing at the air as you express
Every lost angel inside yourself
They clamour to the surface
And ride the wave of your joy
Decanting their last will
Into you

The rested heart

She was beauty
In its most honest form
Singing Mozart in the kitchen
Reading Kafka on the shore

The light she held inside her
Burned brighter than a flame
It set fire to my tindersticks
It smoked out all my pain

With liquid gold inside my blood
The passions all cry out
Her soft heart in my rough hand
Lay rest to all my doubt

Through all the dust around my heart
She carved a path of stone
Now as i lay my full head down
I know I’m not alone

L’etranger Mon Frere

Your head turns away slowly
And i know from that one moment
Its over

I see a side of your face
That i never noticed before
A darkness of shadows
A cold flat marble top

It was always so easy for me
To transform into the jester
The knave, the pious and broken king
Waiting to serve and be served
As a piteous wretch

I quashed my hunger
Taught myself to live for others
Not for my own heart
But as a parasitical tendril of want
Mistletoe as a golden bough

For others i laughed
For others i acted
A puppet on stage
The stringless marionette

All of the Russian writers taught me
To look inwards
To find my reflection
In a dandified past
L’etranger mon frere

Last will and testament

When I am old and on my deathbed
And my lifebloods slowly drain
Will I sigh for all the lost words?
Will I tire of sounds of rain?

When my last breath rattles from me
And my spirit sings refrain
Will I think of rhymes of Rimbaud
And words cried out in pain?

Will I blow the ashes outward
From the coal fire of my life?
Will I still recall the lark song
And the beauty of my wife?

Or will time erase my memory
And replace where I have been?
Will shadows fall against me
Will they give me back my sin?

Sweet words from winds of wonder
Blow softly at my door
They speak of times of yonder
And offer something more

If shadows cast against my soul
From flickered flames of time
Begin to fade and with them go
The freedom of what’s mine

Then cast me on the firepit
Crack my bones against a stone
Deliver me from evil
Of what I can’t call my own

When life is but a whisper
Of what it was before
Take this poem to be the answer
And lead me through that door

Forgotten dandies

I write for those
Who got lost in time
Forgotten dandies;
Those with animal souls
Dying to break free
Constrainted by society

Men and women
Who’s eyes still glow
Like the birth of the universe
Paved over with a concrete glaze
But shining through despite

Those who’s hearts are wracked
With anxiety and apathy
Who don’t fit in
Who don’t know where to turn

For those who befriend the elements
And stand among the stars

Pure form

I found my cure for indigestion
(And other Capitalist ailments)
Could always be found in
The words of Stanisław Witkiewicz

He unleashed in me a slumbering beast
(Not the first of its kind to dwell in me)
And a quest for Pure Form
The mystery of life; a composite art
Awakened from some strange dream

Free from didactic demands
My soul nuzzled into rest
Curled as a page of parchment
A deformation of human psychology
And action


You stand like Salome
Dancing before Herod
Your silken robe open
Your soft curves exposed
A glimpse of the future;
Shadows from the past

Fire rises in me
As I marvel at your beauty
Your red lips parting like petals
Thirsty at the first touch of rain
Your teeth
That have bitten into my heart
Glint and flash with the promise of
Ecstasy and deliverance

You shift on me
And I feel
The thousand thoughts inside me
Undulate with your rhythm
The beating drum behind your pearl cage
Growing faster as the passion grows

Envelop me
And take my words away
Take my poetry and
Tame my violent heart
With your sure caress
And your parting lips
That welcome me
As a traveller returning home

The fires are lit

I have endured the inner war of my demons
I have faced the extreme freeze of my white dwarf heart
The spiralling black hole of my soul

And what would God say now?
If he knew the house he built had crumbled
The faded facade of my scarred face
Would he wrath?
Would he cry?
Tears bringing a second flood
Cleansing the world again
Too full of sin again
A chance again

And would death on his white horse
Ride into the world
With deafening laughter?
Raining pain down
On us who are in pain
On us who lie
To ourselves
Cause pain to others
Lie. Cheat. Betrayal in all forms
We betray ourselves
Fall upon rusty swords

I have endured the outer war of society
What would God say if he was still alive?
What would he do, looking at us now?

And will my savage heart pause
To wonder where these bloodlines pulse from?
My heart that aches and leaks from the puncture wounds sustained by time

The heat is unbearable here
It closes around you like a cloak
Clasped tightly with the metallic sting of blood
Clotted to a thick paste
Where there’s no room to breath
Save gulps of torrid air
Keeping lungs full of polluted gas
Feeding our own polluted existence
Scum marks around our dirty souls
They were clean once
New once
They shone
Now we try to find happiness where we can
In this black sand
In this black land
But this scorched earth is dead
Our lives scatter
Together alone

The lyrical beauty of the word
Consumed by fire
The burning anger of the politicians
The poisonous hatred of the people
A bubbling cauldron of anger
Stirred by the devils of our own insecurities
Redeem us now
Forgive us
We who have been unforgiving
We who walk by the vagrants, the lost dogs, the cries for help
For money or time or both
We have neither
None for them
While the donkey breaks his back to carry his load
And the rider takes up his reed
And beats the last will out of his bony carcass
The carcass of us
The bloody mess of our flayed skin
Religion and society and scornful self hatred; the torture weapons we use against ourselves
When we need to feel something

Now the fires are lit
Flaming high into the night
A beacon
Declaring to all
‘Stay away. We are forsaken’


You were always
Even when I pushed away

You were always
Even when I couldn’t understand

You were always
Full of guidance
Even when I lost my way

You were always
A light
Even in the darkest of times

You are always
My mother
And I’ll always be
Your son

Heavy is the head

A council of wolves
Sits inside my skull
They growl for attention
They demand to be heard

They speak of issues
In ravenous tones
Go round the circle
Until they are solved

But they fight all the time
They can’t get along
That leaves me frustrated
It leaves me alone

With teeth that snap
And claws that scratch
The inside of my head
Is their hunting patch

One in particular
Roars louder than most
His growl drowns out
What others speak of

Their voices get stolen
In his snapping jaws
He makes me act different
His teeth are my words

Sharp daggers that cut
Those who get close
I wish he’d lie still